Training Through Excellence

Tutors to CTCS, Schools, LTI Programmes

We have been supplying tutors to Community Training Centres, Secondary Schools, LTI Programmes & Private Companies for the past 10 years. All tutors are qualified in their expertise and we make every effort to ensure they are suitable for the centre they are placed in.

If you require a tutor for a short or long term for any of the following subjects contact us and we will Endeavour to find a suitable tutor for your needs.

• English

• Maths

• Literacy

• Communications

• Personal & Interpersonal Skills

• Personal effectiveness

• Personal Care & Presentation

• Skincare

• Make-up Application

• Hand & Nail Care

• Human Biology

• Health & Fitness

• Food & Nutrition

• Childcare


Tutor fees are €24.50 per hour. We invoice the centre on a monthly basis and pay the tutor accordingly. Alternatively if you would just like us to source a tutor to be employed by your centre a percentage fee is charged to the company before the employee is placed.

For more information email