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Transition Year Colour Image & Self-Confidence

This course is for students who would like to look their best, but don’t have hundreds of Euros to spend on a new wardrobe. Are you nervous about the thought of attending that first interview or perhaps choosing your debs outfit? We can teach you how to dress for that big day and give you a head start by helping to build up your confidence.

Image consultancy can be a scary title especially if you feel your lifestyle doesn’t require professional clothing etc. However your image does say a lot about your personality and communicates ideas without even making a sound. Others will notice you rather than what you are wearing.

Image Consultancy will Help You There.

Morning Session

• Introduction – Why is Image so important?

• What has colour to do with Image? (this is to introduce the idea of colour to the group…. We will mini drape a few of the group)

• Realism: so we are not all supermodels!

• Wardrobe Planning: How to update your wardrobe without breaking the bank.

• Self-confidence – Interview Presentation.

• Identifying body shapes and styles of clothes to suit those shapes.

• Maximising good points and minimising bad points.

• Self-confidence.

Afternoon Session

• Skincare

• How to carry out a daily skincare routine (a facial for one of the class & group practice)

• Personal Hygiene

• How to use make-up effectively

• Make-over Videos

• A make-over for one of the class, or group work

• Hand and Nail Care

• The importance of caring for your hands

• How to perform a manicure

• Group practice

All day workshop available for up to 25 students for €305.00
Two hour and half day sessions are also available.
For more information or to book a course telephone Denise on: (01) 8556575
0r 087- 6420708 Email